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Creative vs. Directional?

There are basically two types of advertising.

Creative and Directional

In today’s digital world, marketing has become very fragmented meaning that consumers have more options than ever to find you or your competition. It is very difficult for businesses to reach their ideal customers, especially when competing against national companies. TV & radio have been challenged by DVR’s, live streaming, satellite radio, music downloads and apps. Print is in decline. Mobile rules and every generation is playing catch-up to the millennials.

Creative generates an awareness, need interest for your brand, services, products or industry in the marketplace. It’s spreading your marketing message across a wide area or audience segment and is known as a shotgun approach.   

Examples of creative advertising: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Billboards.

Directional advertising is placing your business in front of people who are actually looking for   your type of product, service or industry. Your advertising needs to reach this audience before your competition. They know what they want, however they do not know who to call so your marketing message should target the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Examples of directional advertising: Print & Online Yellow Pages, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (SEO) and Online & Mobile Display (Behavioral, GEO & Demographical Targeting).

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