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How Do I Advertise My Local Business In 2017?

The digital marketing landscape is large, complex, and competitive. The quicker you can strike the right internet user, the better you can appeal to them and stay ahead of your competitors.

I have compiled a list of some of the most reliable digital marketing trends for 2017

1. VIDEO MARKETING will emotionally influence potential customers during their decision-making process. Now that video is mainstream, the question isn’t if you should use video, but what kind of video is best for your business.

Branding Video is a powerful way to:

- introduce yourselves

- spread your message

- promote a product

- increase reach

- boost engagement

- explain your services

Photo-Realistic 3-D Immersive Tour will help you:

- build trust

- showcase your expertise

- grab consumer attention

- display your facility

2. DISPLAY MARKETING will continue to grow to new heights with local small and medium sized businesses. Online & mobile display solutions can be a cost effective way to reach & target local audiences through their geographic, behavioral, and demographic profiles.

- deliver your brand's message to the right audience at the right time

- your display ads can appear on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

- create awareness for your business, increasing the odds of future conversions

- target ready to purchase consumers looking for your services or products

- advertise your brand on top websites and apps

3. DIGITAL MARKETING will become more competitive, therefor causing it to become more expensive. We have witnessed a tremendous growth in digital marketing practices over the last 5 years. The competition for mobile space and dominance over the internet is going to expand further.

In the last couple of years, Google has virtually phased-out all websites not optimized for mobile. Mobile search and mobile optimization should, therefore, be a top priority for digital marketers in the year 2017.

Digital marketing connects you with consumers who are ready to buy now or looking to buy soon. The right marketing strategy keeps you at par with your competitors, it can also enable you to compete head to head with big brands and large corporations. Moving forward, the real-time response mechanism offered by digital marketing will greatly impact business success.

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. - General George S. Patton

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