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What is Geofencing?


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BIG MARKETING technology

now available to small and medium sized businesses in Arkansas and Oklahoma

Have you heard of geofencing? This mobile marketing tactic allows you to target local mobile users who enter or leave a particular area around a location like your business or your competitor’s business. It gives you the opportunity to show your brands message on their mobile device.

Reach the RIGHT Mobile Users in Your Marketplace

Grow awareness for your business by targeting consumers who live, work, or play near your business. Geofencing will increase clicks, calls, form-fills and drive more in-person visits. For example, if you own a coffee shop in a neighborhood, you can target people living or visiting within a 9-mile radius of your location and reach them with a mobile app display ad that lets them learn more about your business or see your daily specials.

Target the Your Competitors’ Customers at the RIGHT Time

With geofencing technology, you can set up an invisible “fence” around your competitors’ locations and target their customers with an ad that contains a special offer to drive them to your location instead. When a potential customer is near your competitors location and is on their phone, they see an ad for your business offering 15% off a purchase. Knowing they have interest in purchasing the product or service you offer, chances are high that the prospect will make their purchase at your location, instead.

Brand Your Business to Patrons Attending Local Events

You can also use geofencing to target mass groups. For example, if you are an insurance agent, you may target a nearby car dealership, a music venue or a college sporting event so car or homeowners can receive your ads and call you for their insurance needs.

Geofencing is an effective method to reach the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT message. Joshua French is an experienced and certified professional helping local businesses in Arkansas and Oklahoma win in #TodaysDigitalMarketingWorld

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